Parga is a fairly small town (village), where you can relax. It looks picturesque, the houses are built against the mountainside in floors, and are using small alleys connected. A beautiful landscaped boulevard with cozy cafes and tavernas create a cozy atmosphere.From these occasions one has, while enjoying a snack or drink, a grandstand view of the sea, the mountains surrounding the town and the castle "Castro", which majestically atop the mountain on the island Panagia Parga and watches.
The whole tour is a top of the castle to conquer, especially on a hot day. But the effort pays off, there awaits a large reward in the form of breathtaking views of both Parga and Panagia, and one sees in the distance the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos lie. On the other hand, one looks over one of the three beaches around Parga:-Valtos beach. A long stretch of sand (very fine pebble) beach. Runs on the west very gradually and is therefore suitable for children. As in the sea for Lichnos here is a freshwater source. From Valtos has been another wonderful view of the sea, Paxos and the two islands.
Valtos beach is easily accessible by road via car or taxi, via a water taxi that frequently travels between the Valtos mode and jetty in Parga, or by foot via 2 routes: a short through the castle with lots of stairs and off, or a slightly longer, but also less tiring, through Odoz 23 fevruarios up, right and left again. How you walk, the views remain fantastic.
In early June I traveled to Parga, Greece on the advice of a friend. She was here for three times and has made me enthusiastic for this destination.
Parga is located on the west coast of mainland Greece on the Ionian sea. Near the coast are the Ionian islands Corfu, Paxi and Antipaxi. Who goes to Parga and surrounding destinations, flying to Preveza. Preveza is a small airport millitair so there should not be photographed and filmed. The transfer to Parga is an hour drive from Preveza.